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The latest project is dedicated to annual Klaipėda achitecture exhibition where we created old fashioned postcards with a twist – augmented 3d models of the most interesting architectural projects created by Klaipėda city architects

here you can find the app and the postcards.

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fresh and lovely brand new portfolio is here:


MAI @ElPais

El Pais magazine dedicated an article for the final projects of first Iaac’s interactive desing generation!


deaf drops

Deaf-drops Is social consciousness project based on perceiving information about invisible urban noise. Sensors installed in public spaces read and convert low frequency waves into legible manner.  Small devices are installed in Poblenou neighburhood’s chimneys and broadcast converted sounds for citizens. It aims to awake curiosity of not obvious ambient layers which affect us.  The idea is borrowed from ‘dead-drops’: espionage method to pass information using secret locations.

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r2d2 cousin

Interface for transmitting tones as a code. In the background of the video you can hear street noise to which interface reacts. It detects only the lowest range of frequencies (0-80 hz). Three bars determines volume level (dB). Each bar takes 24 random tones and plays it depending on the noise level. The white bar shows the whole range of incoming noise levels. This is part of final project development related with invisible city sounds.

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 The #MVM is a modified version of the classic View-Master toy. The user can choose between several reels with 7 images of the city. Of course the #MVM allows you to see the  images, just like a normal View-Master. But: it also helps you locate the scenes where the pictures were taken. Thanks to a GPS and compass, the device knows where these locations are. This information is translated into the brightness of the image: if you are heading the wrong way, the image will be very dark, but if you’re on the right track, then the picture will appear clear and bright.


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